Hunters Blues (Woodcutters Grim Series) Karen Wiesner




Hunters Blues (Woodcutters Grim Series)  by  Karen Wiesner

Hunters Blues (Woodcutters Grim Series) by Karen Wiesner
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Return to Karen Wiesner’s award-winning Woodcutter’s Grim, where you first met and fell in love with this terrifying, magical town with its intriguing cast of characters, in an all new novel.Very loosely based on “The Evil Mother-in-Law” by the Brothers Grimm.The year is 2040. When the evil in Woodcutter’s Grim unleashed ten years earlier, humans turned into spooks who avoided the sun and had a taste for human flesh…along with the innate instinct to contaminate others with their evil.

In no time at all, the evil spread and wiped out half of the town’s population before the Protectorate—the Guardians sworn to protect Woodcutter’s Grim and those outside against the evil pervading it—came up with a way to hold the threat at bay, not completely but enough to save those left. In these years, everything has changed, from occupations to entertainment. A curfew has been imposed, and few are stupid enough to break it. Protectorate bounty hunters patrol the cities in the daylight. Humans live in fortress-like homes that aren’t always capable of keeping the ghouls out.Guardian bounty hunter and ex-Marine, Reece Pallaton, wonders what it’s all for and whether he’ll lose everyone he cares about in this endless battle.

Fellow Guardian, Michell “Shell” Jones insists that they can find a cure, that life will someday go back to normal. But Reece is beginning to believe that the battle he’s waging can never be won…until he discovers the source of the evil and his own, terrifying connection to it.

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