Defying Death: Zakaria Botross: Apostle To Islam Stuart Robinson

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Defying Death: Zakaria Botross: Apostle To Islam  by  Stuart Robinson

Defying Death: Zakaria Botross: Apostle To Islam by Stuart Robinson
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In Defying Death you are about to discover how God uses an ordinary person to achieve extraordinary outcomes, probably never achieved before in 1400 years of ministry to Muslims. When British Christian scholar, evangelist, pastor and teacher John Stott visited a mid-week meeting in Cairo in the 1970s, he was deeply Impressed.Decades later in 2002 he still recalled the event. In his book, People My Teachers Stott wrote: One of the most striking figures of the Coptic Orthodox Church at that time was Abuna (Father) Zakaria Botross.

He was an Orthodox priest who in 1964 had an evangelical experience of Christ, which changed the direction of his ministry. He was now expounding Scripture and answering questions to one thousand or more people using relay and closed circuit television, every Tuesday and Thursday evening in the hall of his church, St. Marks.In 1978 a new renewal movement, including tongues, healings and other charismatic phenomena, emerged at St. Mark s Church, Heliopolis, under the leadership of, Father Zakaria Botross, attracting weekly crowds of 3,000 and baptising 200 converts from Islam.Not only did Fr Zakaria preach for conversions to Christ and to strengthen believers, he also effectively rebutted accusations against Christianity made by Islamic leaders.

He presented arguments, which challenged them to re-examine the question of the validity of their religion, their Holy book the Quran, and their prophet Mohammad. His ministry to Muslims is so challenging, effective and productive.As you read this book, you will come to know Fr Zakaria Botross and the Lord whom he serves Jesus.

This is their story.

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